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Hey Guys, what’s up? Today I have one more exciting topic to share with you.

I think we all would agree if I tell you that we spend all the time on our phones.

According to a survey it is noted that we spend almost 9-10 hours a day engaging with our gadgets.

Shocking!!! But that’s true fellas!

A few years ago there used to be a small bunch of mobile apps, but with the increasing usage of smartphones and gadgets, the number of apps also increased.

Now that small bundle turned into a vast territory and is pulling and wrenching people into it.

Do you know that there are 3.8 million Android apps on the Play Store and 2 million apps on Apple’s App Store?

But nowadays the applications are losing their true essence because there are not able to fulfill their motto. All they do is just pushing content and portraying a precise version of their website.

This is why 26% of installed apps are being abandoned by the user after their first use.

Because of this enterprises started paying attention and then something knocked on their heads and they realized the philosophy the simpler the better.

So instead of providing so many features in one app, the mobile app developers concentrated on providing crucial actions and that is how micro apps came into existence.

Wondering What are Micro-Apps!! Dive In

Wondering what are micro-apps!! Dive In

The term micro apps belong to those apps that are micro i.e. small, task-oriented, customer-specific, etc.

These apps also provide highly targeted functionalities and let the users achieve simple task spontaneously.

If we compare the enterprise mobile apps and micro apps, the micro-apps give an experience that is consumer-focused and are easy to use.

Let me explain to you with the example of Facebook messenger. This is micro-app, it performs a specific task i.e. allowing chat.

So, In layman term, micro-app performs single functionality to solve the one precise problem of saving the users from a bunch of complex apps.

This one app takes you right into the things that you actually want.

The Comparison is Always Better

The comparison is always better

In order to get more number of users, mobile application development intends to create apps that focus to accomplish many tasks at the same time.

This leads to the difficult, irritating, bloated and slow apps that are not even efficient due to irrelevant and useless functionalities.

Micro apps are based on providing two key principles i.e. to incorporate quick, targeted, get-in-interact-get out function in a single app.

Another principle is to perform tasks in real-time, irrespective of whether it is professional or personal.

If these apps are executed properly it will positively impact the in-line business as well as the IT firms.

Who Doesn’t Like The Advantages?

 Who doesn't like the advantages

These small sizes and single functionality oriented apps are fully loaded with amusing benefits.

In Business apps, the need to access what the users want is just similar to the personal apps and micro apps give that benefit by providing easy accessibilities to the user’s requirements.

The User Interface of the micro apps is custom made which is distinguished to particular cases for which users are using the app.

The good thing is that UI of these apps can be changed by the designers for different reasons such as app workflow, set of devices, some specific user type, etc.

The IT Industry gets a major advantage of agile development with the help of these apps. It also makes easy for the users to give their feedback to the company which can help the firm in their testing purposes.

Smooth and Seamless Experience

Micro-apps can give the user a seamless experience no matter what device you have. It allows the customers to perform all the actions that are important from the user’s perspective.

These apps provide the ideal balance to maintain the work in a quick yet cost-effective manner from the enterprise app development point of view. These small-sized apps carry bigger impacts than it seems.

These apps are generally based on HTML, but there are other tools also which can help you. After analyzing the benefits of these micro apps more companies are thinking of changing their mobile app strategy.

These are just a few reasons why businesses are rapidly using micro apps to streamline their work processes.

To build a cross-platform mobile app, firms can also use some tools such as Telerik and Xamarin. These frameworks offer a speedy and low-priced route for fast deployment.


Knowing what these extremely targeted apps have to offer can mean the difference between building a successful digital enterprise strategy and getting neglected behind in a fast-paced digital world.

The new way of creating apps will help firms rethink their customer retention and branding strategy, extending their reach in more effective and significant ways.

I hope now you would like to have your own micro-app to stay in touch with your customers as well as to deliver your services properly then go to the software companies that provide mobile app development services.

Give them your requirement and let them know your app’s main functionalities and they will take care of the rest.

In recent years, micro-apps have swiftly risen in popularity, crossing industries and functionalities. Micro-apps making it easy for the apps to naturally communicate with each other. This is a new generation of app creation. That’s why top mobile app development companies say micro is the future.

The compressed version of applications is a trend as appealing to mobile app developer as it is to enterprise companies. The amount of comfort, simplicity, rapidity and affordable cost of micro-apps development are swaying businesses to consider it solemnly.

Now I think you will agree that micro-apps unquestionably proclaim the future of mobile apps.

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