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Should I use Rank Math or Yoast SEO?

Which one is a better SEO plugin in 2023?

Yoast SEO has been dominating the SEO platform for years now. In recent times, Rank Math emerged as a new competitor who has built a vast community within a short time span. It has several positive reviews from users globally and is becoming popular at a rapid pace. When it comes to choosing one plugin in 2023, there are some underlying factors to consider. We have curated a guide that draws a comparison between both plugins to help you make an informed decision.

Yoast SEO vs Rank Math

Keyword Optimization

Each SEO plugin can allow you to customize the focus keyword of your sites. Both Rank Math and Yoast SEO will achieve this.

Rank Math allows you to give your posts five keywords. However, by using a filter to connect to your page editor, you can quickly raise this amount to infinite keywords.

Yoast SEO only enables you to tailor your posts with one or up to five keywords when you buy a Pro edition. Although including more keywords for your SEO isn't always more manageable, you can improve your page rankings using associated keywords or synonyms.

Both plugins provide you with proposals to optimize keywords in your post editor and will flash you a green light when it's approved. This will encourage you to include your keyword emphasis in headings and track your text's keyword density.

You will find the SEO recommendations either in Yoast SEO at the end of the screen or in the toolbar editor (by clicking the Yoast SEO button on the editor's toolbar).

In general, the two methods display identical proposals. But Rank Math offers you a numerical ranking for optimizing your keyword activities when a score above 80 is best. The Yoast SEO evaluation is less precise and shows you an orange light whether your content is inappropriately improved or a red one.

In addition, it's much easier if you edit the article in the sidebar. We believe Rank Math has a slight advantage in this group for the above-listed reasons

Content Optimization

Optimizing content and keywords go hand in hand. Yoast SEO, however, provides you with a reading analysis and lets you write better blogs, improving your SEO efforts more.

Like its study of keywords, Yoast SEO sends you a green light when the post reads to the ordinary person. If issues occur, changes can be suggested, and areas that need to be tweaked can be identified.

For example, more transformational words can need to be used, or phrases rewrote passive voices. Notice that Yoast offers recommendations based on the readings of Flesch, which show how readers can find the text challenging or straightforward.

While it remains unclear if the website's readability directly affects the SEO, we assume that it is an exemplary user interface (UX) that contributes. Thus, Yoast is an advanced person in this field as it helps increase the posts' overall content.

Ease of Use

Rank Math, as well as Yoast SEO, is straightforward and easy to set up. They provide you with immersive wizards to lead you to every move.

But Rank Math has two modes: fast and specialized. The first helps beginners who might find both environments too daunting. Rank Math does all the work on your behalf and uses the default options.

Rank Math also has a new UX-enhanced GUI. The dashboard is tidy and vibrant and can also be used for first-time users for content review.

Now it may be somewhat old, but many customers who remain faithful to the brand are familiar. It is both easy to use and follow the recommendations. In general, we choose Yoast SEO's dashboard, but it is mainly a matter of personal opinion who wins this category.

Other SEO Tools

With the advancement of your SEO skills, you would certainly want access to resources beyond simple post-optimization. Rank Math, as well as Yoast SEO, all give the access. Examples include:

Rank Math, though, has far more free software. Apps like internet links and keyword tips are only open to premium Yoast SEO customers. You can also guide users to a different website, preview their share of social networks or access sophisticated analytical keywords – all free.

In addition, Rank Math provides functionality that Yoast does not have. For instance, you have a keyword ranking tracker to help control the competition on your web.

Rank Math vs Yoast SEO: Which is a better option?

Every plugin has unique functionalities that make it stand out. However, you will undoubtedly upgrade your match with Rank Math if you are a power user.

The latest updates can almost be seen in the industry on almost every other SEO addon. For example:

  • Generate highly-customized schema
  • Leverage advanced custom fields
  • Monitor 404 errors
  • Go deeper into your keyword analysis
  • Gain complete control over your redirects
  • Create custom XML sitemaps
  • Optimize your website for Alexa devices

These features are available for free, and any other plugins you use to perform are likely to be uninstalled. This is also an ideal budget-friendly approach for practitioners or anybody who takes their SEO seriously.

In addition, the Rank Math function is module-based, so you can choose the functionality you need without having to overcrowd the site. Furthermore, the plugin is three to four times lightweight than Yoast SEO and an optimum alternative for high-performance consumers.

However, Yoast SEO remains a strong option if you need simple SEO on your website. The free edition is more than enough for your selected keywords to refine their content, with helpful tips that beginners enjoy. In addition, Yoast SEO offers you the opportunity to take free and paid SEO lessons, which is a valuable option for first-time SEO users.

However, the interface of Rank Math is simple to use, and most activities can be automated even if there is nothing you know about SEO. This is a stable tool for both beginners and experienced users.


Rank Math is a new plugin in the market but has successfully created a huge community. It is a revolutionary tool with an easy-to-use interface and modern structure. The roadmap for this plugin is clearly on the winning road. On the other hand, Yoast SEO has been around for several years now. It would be interesting to see how it revamps the structure to align with the modern world today. Which one is better? It depends on your requirements and work structure. If you need to stick to the status quo, you can use Yoast SEO. Choose Rank Math if you want to explore modern technology and an innovative interface.



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